Code for Victoria II - Women in Tech calls on Victorian Government departments and agencies to nominate problems or ideas that could benefit from open innovation and collaboration.

Three of those problems will be selected based on alignment to government priorities and fellowship capabilities. Code for Australia will then embed three teams, each of three fellows, into the selected departments or agencies for six months. Each Fellowship team will be recruited from the private sector to address the selected problem and may include designers, programmers and user experience experts.


+ The fellowship program

Our Fellowship program partners technologists with government departments and agencies to work on their challenges. Fellows collaborate with government staff, research user needs and meet with key stakeholders. Using insights from these meetings, they design and build technology solutions. Previous Fellowship projects have helped parents locate schools, assisted people starting a business, and demystified the court system.

The final product of the Fellowship is usually a functional application. These new tools improve the delivery of government services, and the development process drives cultural and structural change inside of government. The work of the Fellows in government encourages innovation, improves tolerance for risk and increases the capacity for transparency and engagement.

+ the challenge

The Code for Victoria Innovation Challenge is looking for three government departments and agencies to host Fellowship teams that will design solutions to their nominated challenges.

We're looking for problems that best suit the innovation, collaboration, and capability offered by the Fellowship teams and can be tackled in six months by one of our Fellowship teams.

Do you have a challenge that the fellowship team can tackle? Some ideas of what this could involve are:

  • An API that offers a secure connection to a government dataset or system
  • A standalone tool that assists government staff to perform their duties
  • A website or app that allows Victorian Citizens to access a government service
  • For more inspiration, check out Code for Australia's previous work.

+ eligibility

Submissions must be:

  • From a Victorian Government department or agency
  • Endorsed by the branch Director
  • Additionally, if the nomination progresses to the shortlist it will require additional approval from the relevant Deputy Secretary (or equivalent)

In applying, you commit to provide:

  • A nominated manager for the fellows (0.2 FTE for 6 months)
  • Desk space for the Fellowship team for 6 months
  • Support for the Fellowship team during the project
  • Access to your building / offices during the project
  • Access to your network on their own devices
  • Technical and logistical support for the project
  • Access to IT infrastructure needed for the project

For more detail, review the Code for Victoria application checklist.

+ submission format

Submissions require four responses:

  • Summary: Give us a summary of your application (50 words)
  • Problem: Tell us about the problem you want to solve (100 words)
  • Outcomes: Tells us about your desired outcomes and who benefits (200 words)
  • Capability: How can the fellowship improve your team's innovation capability (100 words)

+ award

The three selected projects will be provided with a team of three fellows for six months at no cost, with ongoing support from the Public Sector Innovation Fund and Code for Australia teams.

+ dates and timeline

The fellowship will be split into several phases:

  • June: Fellowship Training and Orientation
  • July-November: Fellowship Residency
  • December: Fellowship Transition and Sustainability

Key dates are outlined below:

  • Applications: 3 March - 14 April 2017
  • Judging: 17 April - 19 May 2017
  • Fellowship: 19 June 2017 - 15 December 2017

+ judging criteria

Nominations will be judged by a panel from Code for Australia and the Victorian Government.

The judges will assess the nominated problems, possible solutions, alignment with Government priorities, benefits for Victorian citizens, and the wider benefits of embedding a team in the department.

+ I want to speak to someone

Please feel free to reach out to the Public Sector Innovation Fund or Code for Australia teams

You can reach the PSIF team via email at:

Or you can reach Alvaro Maz (Co-Founder and Managing Director) from Code for Australia via email at:

Submissions HAVE now closed for government challenges

Thank you for your interest in Code for Victoria II - Women in Tech.

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