Victoria is well-placed for becoming the heart of innovation in Australia. This however, depends on citizens, public servants and industry to come together and work on issues that affect us all. 

Whether is expertise or technology, your company can contribute to make this program and Victoria, the heart of innovation.

+ Expertise

Our Fellowship program partners technologists with government departments and agencies to work on their challenges. Fellows collaborate with government staff, research user needs and meet with key stakeholders. Using insights from these meetings, they design and build technology solutions. Previous Fellowship projects have helped parents locate schools, assisted people starting a business, and demystified the court system.

Your staff can become Fellows and get a crash course in entrepreneurship, develop insight of government whilst helping make change.

+ Technology

At Code for Australia we build technology. At a much faster and simpler way that it would traditionally take. These apps, interfaces, dashboards and tools however, neeed to be based on bigger technologies. You can help us donating technologies while our Fellows are in residency.

+ what do you get in return

Recognition of your company's expertise and interest in helping government, up-skilled staff and a growing sense of making good for Victoria and Australia.

+ Dates

The fellowship will be split into several phases:

  • June: Fellowship Training and Orientation
  • July-November: Fellowship Residency
  • December: Fellowship Transition and Sustainability

+ Current partners

We're supported and have worked with a wide variety of organisations who believe in a government that works together with the public to find new solutions to old problems. These include Google, Slack, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Adobe, Twilio, Toggl, Sketch and Balsamiq.